Tuesday, April 24, 2007

WiCS Field Trip to PEMA and the Capital

Today was an exciting day for our WiCS team. Two weeks ago, James Powers, Pennsylvania's Director of Homeland Security, came to campus to give a seminar on the technology behind homeland security. When the WiCS team expressed interest in producing a podcast on this technology, Mr. Powers offered to take us on a field trip to gather more information. So, today, we went on a two-part field trip.

First, we visited the Emergency Operations Center at the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency where we learned about the technology they leverage to deal with emergencies as they happen.

Second, we visited the capital building. After seeing the wonderful architecture, the House and Senate in action, we met with the Lieutenant Governor who expressed enthusiasm about our podcasts and our interest in homeland security.

Watch for our next podcast episode as it will have more of the details of what we learned today!

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