Friday, May 4, 2007


Check out the snacks in my office! Tina and Sarah had too much flex at the end of the term, so they've stored snacks that'll keep them filled next fall! Thanks to Seth for the help in toting!


Sarah said...

ohh we better get eating ;)

AJ said...

how is this "news"?

and besides, that's nothing; i could buy 5x that with my left over flex.

Dr. Wellington said...

It's news because it's fun and I was having fun with my new camera. Is it a problem?

AJ said...

no, no problem.

It's just that I did not know about "fun = news = CS related" correlation. The post just seemed a little out of place to me.


Sarah said...

How is fun != to Computer Science????

hmm, and that was nerdy.

Dr. Wellington said...

Actually, my favorite part of this is that people are finally commenting on the blog. Maybe that's enough of a purpose for a slightly out of context entry! Thanks for playing!!!!