Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Versatile Seminar

Yesterday, two developers from Versatile Systems, Ryan Bohn (who is an alum of our program and a member of our Industrial Advisory Council) and Bill Kratzer gave a very useful seminar which was highly reviewed by those who attended.

It was titled "Working in Software Development After College... a.k.a. A Day
in the Life at Versatile Systems".

And here is its abstract:

Bill Kratzer and Ryan Bohn love their jobs. They work for a small to
mid-sized software and consulting company in Central Pennsylvania where
they solve really hard problems and are always in the business of trying
to build and deploy software for their ever-demanding customers. Bill
and Ryan will share with students what they do every day, what they
love/hate about their jobs, what things they do well/not-so-well, what
software technologies are gaining steam, and what things they look for
in college students who are looking jobs.

We think seminars like these are very valuable for our students and we'd welcome similar presentations from other industrial partners.

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John Y said...

I didn't hear about this! Anyway, I think we should see more seminars introduced into the department... though I'm at a loss where we'd find speakers :)