Monday, August 31, 2009

Department Faculty Retreat and Academic Day

Last week's preparations for class went well.

On Thursday, our faculty met for a daylong meeting off campus. We reviewed assessment data from all of our classes from last year and made some revisions to the curriculum. In particular, we changed the learning objectives to CSC 110, CSC 211, and CSC 220. In addition, we initiated review of CSC 371 Database Management Systems and CSC 350 Computer Graphics. Our big curricular goal for this semester is to propose a Computer Engineering degree. I'll keep you posted.

While we were retreating, the freshmen were moving in. In addition to lots of facebook posts about bingo, on Friday, they participated in an Academic Day conference. I gave two talks on Google in Academia that were well-attended and I was happy that students asked questions and talked about other talks they thought were interesting.

Now, on to classes!

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