Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Google Docs Changes our Classes

We have given all of our students Google Apps for Education Accounts.  Not only does this give them email accounts, but it also gives them Google Sites, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and a bunch of other cool Google tools.  My Traditional Life Cycle class is a good example of how our students are using these tools.  They are working on a requirements document for a team project. Here is the team working away:
It might look like they are working individually, but, they are all editing the same document at the same time:

There is a constant hum as they debate the things I would expect them to be discussing, so they are clearly working as a team.  Different subgroups are working on different parts of the document, but they don't have to worry about combining those changes later.  They enjoy working this way and are building a good document.  My only real concern is that they are listening to Dirty Dancing!


Anonymous said...

How does Google Docs differ from Google Wave?

I had been using Google Wave to collaborate on things, but now Google has announced that it will no longer be developed due to lack of interest.

What you've said kids are doing with Google Docs sounds similar. Is there a difference?

Dr. Wellington said...

Google docs is like Microsoft Office with sharable files. You can create text documents, spreadsheets, and powerpoints and then share them with your colleagues. Then everyone can simultaneously edit them. Our students used Google Wave for team projects last semester, but didn't find it to be much more useful than Google docs. The part that seems to be missing is the posting of other types of files and conversations. We are using TeamBox for that (and for task tracking) this semester. There is always a new toy to try!!!