Friday, November 26, 2010

Updates . . .

I have been (rightfully) nagged that our news needs updating, so here goes.

As usual, there is (almost) always programming team news.  They have competed in two more competitions recently:  the ACM regionals which are like the rest of our competitions and the IEEE Xtreme competition that lasted 24 hours.  We had two teams compete:  Jessica Burns, Danielle Leonard, and Steve Bussey finished 179 out of 971 teams by finishing 9 of 17 problems. Emily Bruckart, David Kelly, and Logan Kennedy finished 6 problems and cam in 272.  Having competed this year, we'll be more prepared for next year!  And our thanks to Dr. Armstrong for being willing to stay for the entire 24 hours!

We had three teams that competed in the ACM regionals.  Three teams with all of them solving a problem shows great depth in our team; the problems were very hard this year!  Here they are showing off the balloons they earned:

Emily Bruckart, Phil Diffienderfer, and David Kelly

 Jessica Burns, Danielle Leonard, and Steve Bussey

Andrew Bodulow, Garin Dangler, and Greg Battaglia

We have a couple of other projects that are nearing completion:

Our Women in Computer Science team is almost finished with their computer controlled waterfall.  We've been madly plumbing and Dr. Briggs helped us by designing a circuit to connect the processor to the valves.  We may have a dry run (pun intended!) before Christmas break.

We are also developing a video for prospective students.  We're hoping to have it by January.  We'll post it on the website and we're going to burn some to hand out at open houses.  Here's hoping it's as cool as I imagine it can be!

Next time I'm late with a post, feel free to nag. There is ALWAYS something going on!

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