Monday, November 7, 2011

ACM Regional Competition

Saturday we were a site as part of the ACM Regional Competition.  We hosted 22 teams from 8 schools.  Out of about 170 teams, this is how we placed:

Derezzed 29th place
Jessica Burns
Steve Bussey
Danielle Leonard

Something down 92nd place
Garin Dangler
Greg Battaglia
Corbyn Johnson

Hexadecimators 101st place
Emily Bruckart
Kevin Dederer
Zack Lessie

I am proud of this response for two reasons:

1) I watched Emily coach her teammates (who are relatively new to this), instead of taking the keyboard and writing code that would have been easy for her.  The longterm benefit of that for the team is much higher than if she (a senior) had just coded the solutions.

2) Our teams showed excellent grace and sportsmanship.  There were some challenges in the judging (which sometimes happens) that put our teams (and all of the teams at our site) at a disadvantage.  In previous years, that would have sent some of our more competitive teammates into a frenzy.  This year, while we were disappointed, we handled the situation much better.

All in all, it has been an excellent Fall for the team (I will post our previous results on other days), and I am very proud of their performance.

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