Thursday, November 10, 2011

IEEE Extreme Competition

In October, the programming team competed in the IEEE Extreme Programming Competition - a 24-hour, worldwide, internet competition.  And we were stellar!!!  Four teams in the quarter of all teams competing!   Two teams in the top 20% and one team in the top 10%.

Derezzed: 147th Overall (9.70%)        
Harmony: 229th Overall (15.11%)
Hexadecimators: 291st Overall (19.20%)
HoneyBadgers: 342nd Overall (22.56%)

out of 1516 total teams.

Derezzed: 2nd (Region)       
Harmony:  5th (Region)
Hexadecimators: 7th (Region)
HoneyBadgers: 8th (Region)
out of 21 teams in the region.

Team Members:
  • Derezzed
    • Jessica Burns
    • Steve Bussey
    • Danielle Johnston
  • Harmony
    • Jen Funck
    • Nick Hydock
    • Matt Hydock
  • Hexadecimators
    • Emily Bruckart
    • Kevin Dederer
    • Corbyn Johnson
  • HoneyBadgers 
    • Greg Battaglia
    • Zack Lessie
    • Andrew Perterson

Yes, we are cool!

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